Active CBD Performance Patch - 60mg
Active CBD Performance Patch - 60mg

Active CBD Performance Patch (4 Patches) - 60mg

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Performance Patches are one the easiest ways to apply a topical. No need to apply multiple times a day, our Active CBD oil Performance Patch lasts for up to 48 hours. Each package includes 4 (four) 60mg patches that can be cut to size to customize your CBD experience. Our Performance Patches contain 4% Lidocaine to complement and elevate your CBD experience.
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CBD and Lidocaine: 

Lidocaine works by helping to block nerve signals in your body. Many familiar over-the-counter products contain Lidocaine to reduce pain and inflammation. That is why we chose Lidocaine for our unique Active CBD oil Performance Patches. You get all the potential benefits of CBD with the added boost of 4% Lidocaine.

Application Sites: 

Unlike most topicals, patches do break the skin/blood barrier meaning you do not have to apply the patch directly to where you are feeling the most pain. Patches tend to work best in very venous areas such as your feet, wrists, back, neck and even under your arms. Because you can easily cut the patches, you are able to apply the Active CBD oil Performance Patch comfortably to virtually any area of the body.

Active CBD Performance Patches - 60mg

  • Includes 4 patches
  • 60mg per patch
  • Up to 48 hours extended wear
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Hypoallergenic

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