Uncle Sam’s CBD is a Veteran owned & operated company established in 2018 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, right down the road from the largest naval base in the world. Uncle Sam's CBD was founded by a U.S. Marine who could not believe the relief he received from Cannabidiol (CBD) the very 1st time he used it for various ailments. From that moment on he devoted himself to bringing as many of his brothers & sisters in arms the peace that he had achieved, through body & mind, that CBD had brought him.  The individuals that he shared this newly founded “Fountain of Youth” with (as he calls it), were simply amazed by the ease of application and results that they had witnessed for themselves.  From chronic pain, to insomnia, to anxiety, inflammation, muscle spasms - they ALL found relief.  

Operation CBD

But something worried & troubled the former Marine while trying different CBD oil, CBD edibles, CBD capsules, and other CBD products.  The results were inconsistent to say the least.  It appeared that not all CBD is the same.  Cannabidiol (CBD) coming from overseas had much lower levels of CBD than the label stated and provided very little result.  The CBD boom had hit, and it was turning into a complete disaster, with no regulations and no one to police the quality of CBD as the market got bigger and bigger.  As a matter of fact, a lot of the CBD coming from within the States at that time had the same inferior results as the plant had not been grown in the USA, only packaged here.  This resulted in a mass confusion in the CBD world as to what actually works and what doesn’t.

In 2018 he approached some veteran friends of his that had witnessed the power of High Quality - USA GROWN CBD with an idea.  What if we worked with the best CBD farmers & distributers in America?  What if we supplied 3rd party CBD lab results & guaranteed product potency to every customer for every product? What if we gave back to our community and veterans who've given us so much? Well, that's exactly what we did.

We'd like to welcome you to Uncle Sam's CBD. :)

We Proudly Support Operation Second Chance

Operation Second Chance

Founded by and for military families, Operation Second Chance (OSC) provides direct support to wounded service members in financial crisis – most of whom have experienced combat injury or illness but are awaiting the initiation of veterans' benefits. Assistance for essential expenses like rent, utilities, and mortgage payments helps prevent families from going into debt or losing a home. OSC also coordinates retreats, sports events, hospital visits, and more – boosting morale and helping veterans transition back into civilian life, reconnect with family, and build a network of peers. 

A portion of every order placed on is donated to Operation Second Chance at the end of each month.  We believe that together, we can help create a better life for all of our hero's when they come back to the country they love so very much. A world where the families of our hero's, here at home & around the world, have the tools they need to live healthy and purposeful lives. 

If you would like to donate to Operation Second Chance on someone's behalf, please follow the link below.

Military & First Responders