Active CBD oil capsules
Active CBD oil capsules

Active CBD oil capsules - 25mg

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One of the easiest ways in which you can take CBD oil is in the form of a capsule. Each Active CBD Oil softgel contains 25mg of water soluble CBD. Because each pill is pre-measured in a lab and 3rd party lab tested, you can be sure that each and every capsule is consistent and of the highest quality.
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Our Active CBD Oil softgels are unique in that they are water soluble. Our formula is designed for maximum bioavailability. This means that there are more ingredients on the label, but they all work together to create a water soluble product. When you take a capsule or CBD edible, it often takes longer to take effect, however the effects last for a long period of time than other forms of CBD. 

Experience The Entourage Effect:

Our Active CBD Oil softgels are broad spectrum meaning that they contain trace amounts of other minor cannabinoids, but no THC. Our water soluble capsules also have hemp-derived terpenes which help you to fully experience The Entourage Effect.

• Broad Spectrum
• THC-Free
• Water Soluble
• 25mg of CBD per capsule
• Made with no unnecessary fillers, preservatives, solvents or additives
• Made from Non-GMO Hemp

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